Wilberforce Weekend


Wilberforce Weekend is an annual gathering to equip Christians in Christian worldview and cultural renewal.

Together We Will

Explore Stories

Dwell on inspiring examples past and present in which redeemed lives have accomplished God’s purposes.

Explore Theology

Unpack what it means to live a redeemed life.

Envision Life Redeemed

Equip you to consider the next chapter of your own life, in your own time, place, and vocation.

The story of Christianity is about a people whose redeemed lives transform everything around them.

We know what we’re saved from. But what are we saved for? Redemption isn’t just for some future time—it’s for right here and right now.  At Wilberforce Weekend 2022, dozens of speakers will share inspiring, personal stories of redemption, and attendees can participate in insightful panel discussions with Q&A opportunities. Additionally there will be a special screening of the film C.S. Lewis: The Most Reluctant Convert hosted by director Max McLean. We will also spend time reflecting on the conversion and life of our founder, Charles W. Colson.

“Wherever Christianity has spread, it has done so in this same way: one person finds hope and passes it on, and communities in turn are eventually changed.”

― Charles W. Colson

God Made You For

This Time And Place

The Colson Center exists to help you understand your place in God’s story, and serve God with clarity, confidence, and courage. Explore our programs and learn more about our mission.

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The William Wilberforce Award

Faithful Christians face great difficulty in today’s culture. That’s why the body of Christ ought to recognize, encourage, and emulate those with uncompromising courage and conviction. Chuck Colson established the William Wilberforce Award in 1988 to annually recognize a Christian leader who exemplifies the principles and commitment of William Wilberforce, the great English statesman who waged a forty-year campaign to end the slave trade in Britain and to reform a broken society. We wish to honor Christian leaders who, by their example, encourage all Christians to make a difference in the face of tough societal problems and injustices. That is the purpose of the Wilberforce Award. This year, we will honor the unwavering Christian faith of Barronelle Stutzman and Jack Phillips!

Interested in Wilberforce Weekend but trying to get a feel for the experience?

Watch an event recap from Wilberforce Weekend 2021 in Dallas, TX- and make plans to join us in Orlando for this year’s conference!